Melody's Gardening In Central Texas

Groundcovers for Central Texas

Below is a list of the best groundcovers for Central Texas:

EnglishIvy:  English Ivy is a carefree groundcover, but you must be sure you want it, because it will spread rampantly as long as it gets a little water and can live in mostly shade.

Asian Jasmine:  Asian Jasmine is our favorite groundcover. It is carefree and dependable. The great thing about it is that it can grow in part sun as well as shade, which is something that most groundcovers will not tolerate. We have even seen it doing well in full sun. Be sure to give it moderate water if it gets much sun, less in the shade.

Mint:  Mint is not usually thought of as a groundcover, since it is an herb, but mint can be used in this way quite successfully. Mint will spread rapidly and will have to be contained in some way. We just mow around ours. When you trim mint, its wonderful, refreshing scent fills the air.

Succulents:  Many low-growing succulents can be used as groundcover. There are many varieties, and many will grow in sun or some shade. They are disease resistant and drought tolerant, but you must remember that they cannot take any foot traffic.